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Here you will find information and resources on topics related to mental health challenges affecting youth and young adults.

These videos describe where families can get help when their child is experiencing a mental health challenge and what to expect when meeting with a health professional.


On this site, you will find useful information on a wide range of topics related to mental health challenges and disorders in children and youth. The information was designed with parents and caregivers in mind. The site also has links to many additional resources geared towards parents.


Making small changes in our daily lives can have positive effects on our mental health. The Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre has developed tools to help you and your family live healthy!

These Healthy Living tools include: 

- A Healthy Eating quiz that tests your knowledge of healthy eating and explains good nutrition and how healthy eating can affect mental health

- An Interactive Bedtime Routine to help children and parents develop a more structured bedtime routine

- An Interactive Healthy Thinking Activity to help kids learn to think about stressful situations in a more healthy and balanced way

We also have a Healthy Living Toolkit for Families available in seven different languages! 

Looking for a Healthy Living Toolkit for your family? Click here to find information on ordering!

Families, Together

This video features four families from different cultural backgrounds sharing their experiences supporting a child or youth with a mental health challenge. The video also features two health professionals sharing their insights on how families can support the mental well-being of children and youth. The video and complementary discussion guide are available in six different languages.

We encourage you to watch the video, talk about it with your friends and family (with the help of our discussion guide!), and share it with others!

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Parents in Residence

We have Parents in Residence who provide support, navigation, and resources to families across B.C.! Learn more here!

Every month, the Parents in Residence highlight key resources for BC families. Visit the Featured Resources page to check out this month's resources!



True depression is not the blues, sadness or even grief. It is a crushing despair so bad that people who have experienced it say that it is the worst pain they have ever gone through. More...


ADHD affects the way people act and interact with the world around them. Children and youth with ADHD usually have some combination of challenges with: paying attention; being restless; acting before thinking. More...


Eating disorders involve harmful thoughts and feelings that affect the way a person feels about food and see their body. It's important to remember that this is about much more than food - it's about how a person feels and copes with his/her feelings. More...


Anxiety means feeling worried, nervous, or fearful. We all experience anxiety at times and some anxiety can be helpful. More...



Medication can be an important part of the treatment for many mental health challenges and disorders. The Kelty Centre offers information about common medications used to treat some of these disorders. Here are some examples:

Psychotropic Medications: What families need to know (in the know)
Outline: management plans, access to medications, questions to ask, types of medications, and monitoring forms.

Facts for Families: Psychiatric Medication For Children And Adolescents Part I-How Medications Are Used (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry)
Medication can be an effective part of the treatment for several psychiatric disorders of childhood and adolescence. A doctor's recommendation to use medication often raises many concerns and questions in both the parents and the youngster.

Patient & Family Guide to Second-Generation Antipsychotics
This booklet contains information about how to help your child live well while taking second-generation antipsychotic medications, as well as tips for managing some of the metabolic side effects associated with these medications.


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