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Lifeline is an easy-to-use medical alert service that lets you summon help any time of the day or night - even if you can't speak. All you have to do is press your Personal Help Button, worn on a wristband or pendant, and a trained Philips Lifeline Personal Response Centre Associate will ensure you get help fast. • Philips Lifeline is Canada's #1 Medical Alarm. • Trusted by more hospitals, doctors and professional caregivers. • Lifeline provides peace of mind and safety for thousands of Canadians. • Lifeline with AutoAlert is the first pendant style button that is designed to call for help, even if you can't The Lifeline service is ideal for anyone who: • Lives alone or is alone a good part of the day • Is at risk for falls • Manages a medical condition or is recovering from surgery • Someone who wants to maintain their independence and has a caregiver who needs greater peace of mind Lifeline is the perfect complement to the range of services offered by Smithers Community Services. Getting Lifeline To book an in-home consultation or in-service with Anne Harfenist, our Lifeline Program Coordinator, please call (250) 847-9515 or visit
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